Also No.1 for the quality of life.

A little bit about Switzerland

Switzerland is an excellent location for living, studying, and working. Its cultural variety, beautiful landscape, and innovative environment offer first-class surroundings for both personal well-being and career advancement. It is more than chocolates, cheese, and watches. Education, cutting-edge research and innovation are driving the country. With its fantastic cuisine, four national languages, horological eminence and more than 1.5 million cows, Switzerland offers an international study experience like no other.

If you love to ski and snowboard, there’s no place better than Switzerland. And if you don’t love to ski and snowboard, there’s no better place to learn. Students are eligible for an inexpensive year-long ski pass to some of the world’s best slopes. From Zermatt to St. Moritz, Switzerland is a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts. The summer, meanwhile, brings stunning views and clear lake swimming.

Switzerland’s charms aren’t just natural. From the jaw-dropping architecture of historic castles to major cities with advanced facilities and cutting-edge technology, Switzerland balances rural charm with urbane sophistication. 

Visa procedure to enter Switzerland

Our immigration advisory service will be there to answer your questions about visas and student permit B. We will assist you with the application process in applying through the Embassy of Switzerland in your Country.

Please note that it may take longer sometimes to get your visa as many students apply. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents for your application.

You must complete and take the following documents to the visa department of your nearest Swiss embassy:

  • Application Form (Visa D)
  • Valid Passport (plus one copy)
  • Acceptance Letter of enrollment at AGSB
  • Study Plan
  • “Written undertaking” (stating that the student will leave Switzerland at the end of studies)
  • CV/résumé
  • A signed letter of motivation stating both the reason for studying in Switzerland and detailing your post-study plans
  • Bank certificate indicating that student has an active account with sufficient amount
  • Six passport photos (35mm x 45mm)

Start your proceedings as soon as possible as the administrations will require time to process your request for visa. Once in Switzerland, AGSB will assist and inform you about the next steps regarding your resident permit.

Working in Switzerland: non-EU citizens are not allowed to work on a student visa in Switzerland.

Health Insurance in Switzerland

All students are obliged to have healthcare insurance under the Swiss law. AGSB has a partner company that provides AGSB’s students with the best latest solutions. Price for student insurance starts at CHF 1’300 per year and may vary depending on your needs. Those students that have international insurances will have to contact the administration team for further assistance.

Housing & Accommodation

The Office of Student Affairs assists in placing students in housing appropriate to their needs.

There are many apartments in the Vevey, La Tour-de-Peilz, and Montreux area. If you wish for the Office of Student Affairs to help you find an apartment suitable for your needs, please send your request to info@agsb.ch. Please understand that the school policy does not dictate an obligation, either to the student or the school, to find housing.  That is, any efforts made by the school to facilitate the finding of adequate housing is strictly on an individual student basis and will be handled within the limits of the school’s ability providing our best effort. The individual studio can be rented starting at CHF 1’200 and for apartment sharing budget for CHF 700 per person. Rental agencies in Switzerland require all persons who rent an apartment to place in an escrow account, three months rent in advance as a security deposit.  In addition, each month’s rent must be paid at the beginning of the month, that is, within the first ten days.  At the end of the leasing period, the security deposit is returned if there has been no damage to the apartment.  Students under 21 years of age who wish to rent an apartment may do so with the signature of a parent or guardian on the lease.  Charges for electricity and telephone are not included in these estimates.  Leases, payment of rents, deposits, etc., are strictly the responsibility of students and their parents or guardians.

All students who are entering AGSB for their first term should plan to arrive in La Tour-de-Peilz at least five days prior to Registration to allow enough time for the student to become settled in the area before the beginning of classes.